To train at Sharpen Iron Academy is to train with the best. The instructors and athletes at Sharpen Iron Academy all have the same mission. Their goal is to guide your journey in learning the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with a passion for bettering all those who train with us. Instructors and coaches build families and relationships that last a lifetime.

Sharpen Iron Academy – Roberto -Cafe-

Professor Ricardo is a 4th-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Roberto Godoi and the owner of the Heart of Champions BJJ Academy. He holds a 4th-degree black belt in Judo from the North American Judo Association, under the famed James Turner. Professor Cafe’ fought and competed for nearly 15 years before his focus shifted to teaching and building. He has trained alongside and taught countless students, both individuals, and teams, at all levels locally and internationally. His pupils come from nearly every walk of life and range from young children upwards to adults with accompanying spouses/children (no mixed mat training allowed!). Professor -Cafe- believes that lessons learned on the mat are universal and can be applied to creating a better society; this is why he teaches outside of his comfort zone.

I started practicing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu around 2013 before I graduated college. I wasn’t overweight, but having a healthy workout seemed more appealing than going to the gym and getting bored just lifting weights. My brother had recently gotten his blue belt and recommended it to me. He even invited me over to his weekend BJJ class. I was a little skeptical at first, but after going through that introductory free class; it instantly changed many areas of my life, and I began to appreciate how it prepared me for situations I’d never been in before;

You’ve found your new home at one of the premier BJJ schools in the world. You check in with Jorge, and he reassures you that all of your training will go well, and you can expect a full-body workout (and more!). You arrive at the gym and see that it is bright and modern, clean as possible. It’s almost as if someone has set up this entire space for you to have a fantastic time — which, of course, isn’t true but is just how it would feel if they did. As you make your way around the gym, you begin to notice the high-quality equipment everywhere — there are several brands you’ve heard are unique, and everyone is using them; moreover, there are several other types of non-traditional equipment like rings and monkey bars that there aren’t in any other BJJ school location. Not only don’t other schools have these things either, but they haven’t even been invented yet! You’re starting to get excited — this place is special. As you meet people who train there and do classes with them in passing, every single person gives excellent advice about what you should do next to help improve.

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