At All American jiu-jitsu, we have specific programs designed for the entire family. Our low-stress half grappling / half traditional taekwondo workouts are perfect for the entire family at the same time. Suppose you want to learn martial arts but don’t want to be intimidated by many tough-looking people. This is where All American BJJ is perfect.

All American Jiu-Jitsu offers ten pre-pay classes at a discounted rate. Our pre-pay classes are suitable for any Jiu-Jitsu class. We have various class times available in the early morning and late afternoon throughout the week. It would be best if you pre-paid before attending class. Our drop-in rate without a monthly membership is $60 per month. If you find that our rates do not work with your schedule, please contact us directly by phone or email to discuss discounts that may apply. We reserve the right to deny a request for membership due to inappropriate behavior or equipment wear and tear that has not been reported previously.

Women’s Self Defense

Attire: We will be training on a martial arts mat floor, so no shoes on the mat. You will be barefooted or you may wear socks. Please wear modest, comfortable exercise clothing, a towel, quick energy bars, and water. You can bring belt rank apparel and possibly gis for the techniques we discussed if you would like to buy your own to give it a try.


A man named Esai Maeda migrated from Japan to Brazil in the early 20th century. He taught a grappling technique called Jiu-Jitsu to Carlos Gracie, who then passed it on to the rest of his family. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques developed were significantly modified by their uses of leverage and torturing techniques. They also developed a self-defense system that included techniques that utilized these grapples with striking and ground fighting. In 1914, Mitsuyo Maeda would teach several forms of Jiu-Jitsu before returning to Japan. His student, Ryoichi, and Carlos Gracie, taught jiu-jitsu throughout Brazil and other nearby countries in South America.

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