Welcome to Villains Jiu-Jitsu. We have a mix of gi and no-gi (submission grappling) classes and feature a beautiful industrial-designed theme. Located in downtown Los Angeles, California, in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood, we feature over 2,000 sqft of mats in a beautiful and clean 4,000 facility. Stop by and try a class for free – we would love to have you join the team!

Professor Nathan

Nathan is a black belt under Demian Maia. He trained at Alliance Hawaii, Marcelo Garcia NYC, 10th Planet Los Angeles, and Renzo Gracie NYC. In 2014, Nathan won the gold medal at the no-gi world championships as a brown belt under the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Other notable finishes were a gold medal in the US Open Advanced Division in 2009 and a silver medal in the US BJJ championships in 2010.


Demian Maia had his first contact with the fighting world as a child. First with Judo, Karate, and Kung-Fu, which he practiced for seven years. At the age of 19, already envisioning a career in MMA, he started to practice the martial art that would become his greatest passion: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
And today? We love it!

You may be wondering if all our success comes from just being so good or did we do well because everyone else does equally hard work? No one is perfect, as there are people who don’t always perform their best on fight day, especially when given opportunities by coaches like Anderson Silva. For some reason, though, I think many fans wouldn’t know that Johny Hendricks’s most successful training partner has been none other than Cris Cyborg. Check out Cesar Gracie: https://www/bjjnews/.

Place Villains Jiu-Jitsu – Demian Maia LA (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

Head CoachProfessor: Nathan Drona

BeltBlack Belt

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