At City Wolves, we’re not just creating champions on the mat but champions in life. We offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, and Conditioning. We believe that anything is possible with focus, humility, and persistence.

MMA class is a full hour of intense conditioning, MMA warm-ups, active stretching, and shadowboxing. This class compliments the adult class, being for both beginners and advanced students alike. Once prerequisites have been met (must be comfortable and know how to hit the ground rolling), this class is open to all individuals who want to focus on self-defense techniques, ground skills, and self-defense. Either come out with us at noon or stay in our studio until 2:30 pm, where we will continue the session with low-impact fitness-based training.

City of Wolves is a fantastic place to train, even for a visit. I was visiting the El Paso area and was looking to train for one day. I called and spoke to Mike, who was more than accommodating. I had a great class with various training partners with excellent attitudes. Some people even stayed late for more rolls!

We invite you to come to ROLL WITH US!

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