Butterfly Guard

Butterfly Guard

Butterfly Guard is part of the Guard group, usually is when two opponents sit front to front.

  • It starts by placing your insteps in the opponent’s thigh, creating a hook

Butterfly Guard 1 step

  • When doing Butterfly Guard, one of the most important things is to find the proper distance between your opponent and you; if you are too close, then you will be open to control from your opponent; if you are too far, then you can’t disrupt or control your opponent position with your hooks

buttlerfly guard 2 step

  • For more control, once you have secured your hooks (that is, your instep in position), you can close the gap with different holds; under hook, bear hug, and under/over hook each arm

Butterfly Guard 5 step

Butterfly Guard is one of the crucial guards in the game, of course not for everyone; some don’t do as well as for other guards. You always have to experiment and see what works best for you. From here, you can establish sweeps and other maneuvers. Having a solid guard is crucial when you roll.

I hope this has helped you; we want to thank Professor Stephan Kesting for this great explanation. We are thrilled about your BJJ journey, as always here at the Lab. Let us know how you best use your Butterfly Guard.