Leg Drag Pass

Leg Drag Pass

A Leg Drag Pass mission is to pass your opponent’s guard. In Jiu-Jitsu, one of the best tactics is to keep control at all times of your opponent’s position; in this case, we’ll see your opponent from the Open Guard

The basic Leg Drag Pass we’ll list in the following steps:

  1. Hold
  2. Redirect
  3. Control
  4. Disable Oponnet’s frame
  5. Securing Grips
  6. Passing

Tip – We normally react when you pull with a push and vice-versa, is a normal reaction, in this case, you can capitalize on that.


  • Step 1. Secure the opponent’s ankles and give a push/pull, once the opponent applies some resistance in the push, then pull the opponent’s legs to one of your sides. As mentioned, once you have a hold on the opponent’s ankles, you can use a C Grip
  • Step 2. You can push/pull once your opponent offers some resistance redirecting our opponent’s legs to our side initially shorting the distance with our lead knee-deep in between the opponent’s legs (see image)
  • Step 3. The next move will be controlling what we have gained so far, you can grab/hold the belt/hip to control the hip, as well as trapping the opponent’s leg in between our body and our leg. Notice that our body needs to bend a little bit for better control. This step is crucial to move to the next step, controlling key points on your opponent’s movements is the key to capitalizing the pass.
  • Step 4. Once you have secured a control position, you’ll need to drive your body and knee-down in order to break the opponent’s frame
  • Step 5. Once you control the hip for a possible hip scape counter attack, you can move to a better attack position like; securing lapels, back of the Gi, etc.
  • Step 6. Lastly, to solidify the pass, you’ll shift your body leading with your hips to the opposite side of the opponent’s side/back securing the pass