What are you doing this weekend? Are you thinking about learning to defend yourself in real-life situations? Are you familiar with the reality-based situational Self-Defense training we offer at Warrior Tribe? Our objective is to get you to a point where you can properly defend yourself and your loved ones should a Self-Defense Situation occur. What if I said that our classes are not only fun but will also effectively give you the tools necessary for escaping or submitting from an attacker? If this sounds interesting to you, let’s talk!

The history of Jiu-Jitsu has evolved into a complex and brutal battlefield that resulted from years of constant warring against its rival form of martial arts, Judo. It was a battlefield with many casualties and injuries. While many warriors were wounded in the battle, only one could emerge the victor. The fighting styles of Jiu-Jitsu and Judo are both Japanese martial arts, but they differ significantly in their objective and method of fighting. Judo was created out of the need for a weaker person to defend themselves against an attacker. Jiu-Jitsu was developed out of the need to defeat an enemy that has already grabbed or struck an opponent, hence “Ground fighting.”

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