For both children and adults, the sport of jiu-jitsu is comparable to a fast-paced solving of physical equations to achieve submissions. Unlike many traditional team sports, jiu-jitsu has a never-ending season that is not weather-dependent and highly promotes personal and athletic development. Our mats are packed with students and no child sits on the bench. All students get equal playtime and develop their athletic potential through their own commitment. Jiu-Jitsu helps develop a child’s discipline and dedication by enforcing the idea that through practice, patience, and focus you can achieve higher ranks and perfect movements. While a naturally athletic child may quickly excel in this sport, the foundation of jiu-jitsu is focused on the idea that size and strength don’t always mean victory. We often find that our smaller students bloom to become technicians of the sport and conquer the competition.

Place South Texas Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, LLC

Head CoachProfessor: Victor Garza

BeltBlack Belt

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2030 W University Dr Edinburg, Texas 78539


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