Come experience the Art of 8 limbs at Amarillo and the 806’s Muay Thai authority. Whether a new, returning, or seasoned Martial Artist we have the path for you. We strive to Impact and elevate individuals first and through those individuals in our community.

Muay Thai is a ring-tested art that has been around for hundreds of years, recently gaining popularity along with the UFC as its fighters demonstrate the effectiveness of Muay Thai in the cage. Muay Thai is not only the go-to striking art for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) but is an incredible standing art in the ring for defense and a great muscle-pumping, cardio-building workout. The art of Muay Thai covers all ranges of stand-up fighting with kicks, knees, punches, elbows, clinch, sweeps, dumps, and throws.

Place Impact Martial Arts Academy

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BeltBlack Belt

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710 SW 16th Ave, Amarillo, TX. 79101


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