The founder of Kano Jigoro created judo, Jigoro being his family name and Kano being his given name. He began studying ju-jutsu around 12 as a form of recreation and physical activity before practicing kenjutsu. In 1877 at the young age of 15, he enrolled in a school called Fukushin Gakko. This school was run by Totsuka Yoshitaka, a scholar studying jujutsu at the Tenshin Dojo in Edo, where Kano had previously studied before moving. The teacher introduced Kano to the fundamentals of Ju-Jutsu. He was promoted to yonkyu (4th rank) soon after, followed by his promotion to judan (10th rank) three months later. This quick rise through the ranks instilled a sense of disciplined hard work within Kano as he understood that this would not have been possible without his previous training and experience. At 20 years old, Kano decided to focus on Ju-Jutsu to maintain his position at school.

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