Our mission at First BJJ is to equip our members young and old, male and female alike with the most effective self-defense/martial arts instruction in the world. Our focus is to teach our students how to defend themselves by taking their opponents to the ground. By doing this, we become capable of defeating much bigger and strong opponents through the use of leverage techniques that anyone, regardless of weight, strength, or athletic ability, can learn.

I’ve been training in BJJ for about 5 years now, and I have to say that it is by far the best martial art I’ve tried. The biggest difference between BJJ and other martial arts is how we practice fighting. With BJJ you have the opportunity to live spar every day; taking part in the grappling aspect of the sport. You’re not just practicing techniques on a mat against an opponent with controlled speed or weight, but you are using bodyweight, speed, momentum, and all the variables of a real fight. If you want to try something new come check out my academy (link: gym website) and see how training in BJJ can improve your physical conditioning and stand-up fighting skills as well.

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Head CoachProfessor: Suyan Queiroz

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