Exercise your body and mind while learning important self-defense skills in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at Briggs MMA! From beginners to those who have already graduated several belt levels, these El Paso based BJJ classes have something for everyone!

With years of experience, our qualified instructors will teach you all of the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and help you master the techniques you are already familiar with. You’ll get fit and learn to defend yourself in any situation!

In addition to learning practical self-defense techniques, you will also benefit from the many rewards this program at Briggs MMA has to offer! Daily stresses will fly out the window and you’ll see weight effortlessly fall off as you progress through each session.

This hybrid striking system developed by Erik Paulson focuses on explosive techniques in Boxing, Panatukan, Jun Fan/JKD Kickboxing, Savate, and Muay Thai (Thai & Dutch methods). In our MMA classes, students will learn a blend of elbows, punches, and knees from each art. These skills are easily translated into MMA, kickboxing, and self-defense situations. From glove drills, focus mitts, Thai-pads, and sparring, students will have a variety of striking options.

Place Briggs Academy of MMA

Head CoachProfessor: Jesse Briggs

BeltBlack Belt

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